How do I inflate my WickedWedge?

It should only take two minutes to blow the wedge up by mouth. To inflate by mouth simply squeeze the air valve and blow.

You can also use a pump for this too. If you are using a pump please make sure that the pump comes with the correct sized air nozzle.

How do I care for my WickedWedge?

The WickedWedge is made of flocked PVC. The seams are heat sealed are very sturdy, but will not withstand abuse. Jumping on the inflated wedge is not advisable as the wedge will burst.

The best method for cleaning is to use a soft brush and soapy water to gently scrub away dirt or sand.

Allow to dry before placing into storage.

Size and Weight?

Wedge Dimensions: 45 x 45cm
Mat Dimensions: 45 x 69cm
Pack Size: 23 x 17cm
Weight: 570g

How long will it take for my WickedWedge to arrive?

We use standard UK First Class Delivery which will take between one and two days to arrive.

Where can I find WickedWedge in a shop near me?

Please see the Stockist and Trade Orders section of the website for further information. This page will be updated regularly.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Our preferred method of payment is through PayPal via our website. We can also accept cheques, bank transfers as well as payment over the telephone– please contact us with your order and we will send you the details.

What happens to my details once I have place an order?

Please see our Terms and Conditions section of the website for further information on our privacy policy.