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Available in 5 exciting colours

Wixie thinking of just a few ways that he could use his new WickedWedge.

View the 'This Morning' clip WickedWedge recently appeared on ĎThis Morningí illustrating the medical values of the product.
To view the clip click on the image of Phillip Schofield above.
Hi, Iím Wixie, great to see so many of you could join me today!

Iíll get straight to the point and introduce you to the WICKEDWEDGE, our exciting new product and the real star of our show. Have a look at my video, look at my photos and browse this site to see the many amazing ways in which you can enjoy the amazingly versatile WickedWedge.

Okay, first things first, The WickedWedge is an inflatable lounger with an attached waterproof mat that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Itís really easy to inflate and just as easy to fold up into a small package which fits into any bag, making it the ideal accessory for camping, festivals, picnics and a personal favourite of mine...yes, you guessed...chilling out on the beach.

The WickedWedge has been designed in such a way that it has health benefits too. I often use the
WickedWedge to keep my back supported whilst
reading and watching TV at home, this helps
avoid the back pain I often get when my pillows
donít support me properly. The kids also love
the funky colours and lounging on the floor in

Please contact me or a member of our
friendly team; weíre so enthusiastic about
the WickedWedge that we canít wait to tell
you more!